What Are You Doing?

In a meeting the other day, we discussed the importance of the term VOCATION and what it means to live out one's calling. Our vocation (which is defined by what we do, not by our titles), puts us in a place where we can serve our neighbor and give glory to God. Please note that our work is directed to the neighbor...and in that process the Kingdom of God is sustained.

Whenever one reads about leadership, it is defined as being about vision, strategic planning, aligning people and the institution, growing the institution, and helping others find their gifts of leadership (John Kotter). Servant leadership is described as helping others become more free, wise, autonomous, more likely themselves to become servant leaders (Greenleaf). But if you did an inventory of your day, how would time have been spent?

Many of us in leadership roles find ourselves spending time doing that which is not about leadership - filling out requisitions, setting up a room for a meeting, substituting in a classroom, visiting people in the hospital, inventorying the supply cabinet, and on and on.  All very important things to do, but do they help to move the organization forward?

Those who are called to lead should do things that are about leadership - and not get wrapped up in distractions that keep them from that calling. Leadership is a vocation - God calls people to that role - and those who are called must respond by doing the things that leaders do. SO...what are YOU doing?