Lessons Learned at Convention

Over the days of July 14 - 18, I was at the convention of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and watched different roles of leadership occur. Our president - Rev. Gerald Kieschnick - displayed many leadership practices that impressed me in different ways. While running the convention, he showed poise and gentleness when the assembly wanted to "get out of hand." Here are a few thoughts I wrote down on the pad in front of me:

-leadership is allowing people to discuss their thoughts and opinions which lead to a decision...without letting your own views be known.

-leadership is about being criticized publicly and just being able to listen - with respect - so that those who are criticizing feel they are important and can be heard.

-leadership is the ability to make everyone in the room (all 1200 delegates) feel important.

-leadership is about honoring people...even if they do not particularly like what you stand for.

-leadership is about delivering the same message over and over again - with a slightly new twist each time - so that people can never misunderstand the mission of the organization.

Many kudos to Dr. Kieschnick for his fine efforts not only as chairperson of the convention, but for his leadership of our church and its efforts to hold forth ONE MESSAGE - CHRIST - HIS LOVE IS HERE FOR YOU!