A Higher Calling?

Are you engaged in a higher calling? Before you answer that question, think about these things:

1. Does society consider certain jobs more important than others?
2. Given certain types of jobs, are there different groups or classes of people we assume will be employed in those positions?
3. Do you consider your work secular or sacred?
4. Do you see your job as something you have to do so you can enjoy the rest of your life?
5. If you felt the call to be pastor, would you consider that a higher calling?

One's answers to the questions above might lay out a theology of vocation, and help one understand their particular calling at this time in thier life. A Lutheran understanding of vocation puts all work at the same level. All work is done to the glory of God and in service to our neighbor. The one who teaches...the one who picks up our Monday morning garbage...the one who trades stocks...the one who stays at home to care for children...the one who attends classes and studies...the one who serves as a doctor...the one who volunteers at the nursing home...the one who preaches on Sunday morning...the one who plays and sings in a band...the one who is the CEO of an organization...the one who mows our lawn. All of these occupations are modes of full-time Christian service.

God has gifted each of us with certain abilities at certain time and certain places - and He calls us to use those abilities to serve our neighbor and to give glory to Him (which demands excellence in all we do). When we are engaged in that type of work - no matter what the work is - we are living out a HIGHER CALLING!