A New Vision - SPACE

Concordia is moving - check out the pictures at www.concordia.edu! Exciting times? You bet! But the question you, me and everyone else should be asking is - WHY is this so exciting? The act of moving is anything less than exciting - too many headaches just for updated buildings. Over the next few days, I want to explore some of the WHYS of Concordia moving - and hopefully get some feedback from people.

SPACE: I was out on the new campus last night and walked out to the veranda overlooking the Preserve on the campus. As I stood there and listened to people talk, I felt the breeze blowing, listened to the birds singing, and looked out over miles and miles of green. Deep at heart I am a city boy, loving the roar of I-35 and being able to find an ethnic restaurant within a 5 block walk. But last night I experienced what it means to have SPACE.

SPACE creates the opportunity for deeper thinking...SPACE creates the chance for ever-increasing dialogue...SPACE allows for one to be alone from time to time and experience God in a new and different way...SPACE creates new possibilities for thinking - and isn't that what the academe is supposed to be about...SPACE is a friend to dreamers, allowing for today's students to develop into tomorrow's problem solvers...SPACE makes room for people to be together and create deeper community.

God is transforming Concordia University Texas, making it a place he can use to further the Kingdom of God. I believe that SPACE can do all these things - and more! What do you believe?